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Cathy Biase is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Cancer Coach who is dedicated to helping people understand the power that lies at the end of their fork. A breast cancer survivor herself, Cathy specializes in the functional application of nutrition to remove the root cause of chronic disease, with a particular focus on cancer care.

Through TV, speaking engagements and working one-on-one, Cathy educates people on topics such as nutritional support for cancer patients, managing side effects of allopathic cancer care, the Microbiome and its links to health, immune support, improving gut health and cancer coaching.

Cathy has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto with a major in Psychology. She is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. She is also currently the host of The Health Hub, a radio talk show and podcast covering various aspects of Integrative Health.

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Episode 26

Cathy Biase is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Cancer Coach. She specializes in educating people on nutrition specifically as it pertains to our microbiome and immune system.

As you know, I’m a very big fan of these kind of disciplines that promote health by respecting our biology.

Original air date: August 28, 2019