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Dr. Slagel is a Structural Chiropractor from South Florida.

He specializes in a technique known as NUCCA, and is 1 of only 250 NUCCA Doctors in the world. Dr. Slagel has all the same training as a traditional chiropractor, and went on to do additional training specifically in NUCCA, where he has achieved Level 1 Board Certification.

Dr. Slagel has completed training in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and South Florida, including special training in Pediatric care, and has published multiple research papers on NUCCA. He currently is in his own private practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida, just north of Miami.

His office is called Structural Spinal Care, and he lives in Pembroke Pines with his wife of ten years and two little boys.

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Episode 39

Structural Chiropractic (NUCCA) is a specialized form of chiropractic care where structural shifts are detected and corrected in order to improve you spinal stability and with it get rid of migraines, head and neck pain and tension, and several other common disorders.

Original air date: November 27, 2019