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Emily Boller, author of “Starved to Obesity,” was chubby in childhood, anorexic in her teens, and then obese until age 47. . .and desperate to find freedom from her struggles with food. In 2008, when she began documenting her 100-pound weight loss journey as an online art exhibit, she never expected to become an inspirational voice for food addiction recovery for millions of people.

Today, she combines her personal journey, hard-won wisdom, and practical tips with nutritional science to inspire and help others break free from inner blocks that sabotage their health and well-being. If you want long-term freedom and optimal health, she can show you the way!

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Episode 22

Emily Boller is the author of the book Starved to Obesity where she tells her story of food addiction. From a chubby child to anorexic as a teenager and then becoming obese until age 47 where she decided to put an end to her addiction and turn her life around.

In this episode we discussed why food addictions are so common and often go unrecognized by most of us and the burden they place not only on the addict but on their friends and family. We also discussed how she overcame it and she gives you a few pieces of advice to do the same yourself.

Original air date: July 31, 2019