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Joseph Sheehey, a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer and nationally distinguished physique competitor, is now the Co-Founder and CEO of the leading cannabinoid wellness brand, Cured Nutrition.

After decades governed by a strict set of rules and adherence to socially-acceptable paths, Joseph left a life of comfort to create one of true impact in this world. Though, at the time, he didn’t yet know how far this pursuit would take him.

The same day he left corporate America, he found himself sitting in a therapist’s office where he soon awoke to the reality that the only permission he was searching for was that which he had been neglecting to give to himself. In that moment, he vowed to live only in boundless possibility.

He has re-dedicated his life to elevating consciousness on all fronts that, as a united human collective, breathe genuine happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Freckled with periods of anxiety, depression and suicidal attempts, his path has been far from the most glamorous; but through years of resilience, perseverance, and renewed self-awareness, his journey shows triumph through every tribulation.

Now, his mission is to guide others towards this radical sense of self-actualization.

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Episode 66

CBD is a therapeutic compound produced from cannabis. It is commonly extracted and processed into oils, edibles, creams, and other products that you’ve certainly heard about. But just hearing about them, naturally raises questions.
In this episode, Dr Ernesto MD is joined by Joseph Sheehey of Cured Nutrition –one of the US’s leading CBD producers–, to talk about all things CBD. Like where it comes from, the difference between CBD and THC, the effects it has in our bodies, why it has those effects and many other common questions people have regarding dosing, safety, etc.

Original air date: June 3, 2020