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Dr. Lynette Louise (often referred to as “The Brain Broad”) is a renowned brain change and behavior expert as well as creator and host of the international docu-series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD. She’s frequently invited to speak on the topics of brain function, neurofeedback, behavior and play, beliefs and cognition, parenting and special needs, to groups and in homes around the world. An award-winning author, filmmaker, speaker, opinion writer, host, recognized humanitarian, and consultant Lynette is universally applauded for her skilled use of science and stories when speaking to and teaching groups. However, her greatest achievement and proudest pleasure is as the single mom of eight now grown kids; six adopted, four with autism and various other cognitive challenges, all now impressively and groundbreaking-ly successful.

Regardless of which hat Lynette is wearing – be it host, therapist, speaker, mom, or friend – one thing is always certain: Lynette teaches with honesty; shining a light into the various realities of her own life, often revealing with kindness and humor how every seemingly ugly moment, with a little knowledge and elbow grease, can be made beautiful.

Her recently released book, Sever The Cycle of Abuse with The Sub Shop Savior, offers audiences yet another peek at her personal traumas while guiding them to answers, both personal and universal.

Dr. Lynette Louise has a doctorate in bioscience and has been doubly board certified in Neurofeedback (BCIA, NTCB).

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Episode 53

Have you ever wanted to behave or act differently but quickly gave up because you “are just not like that”? In this episode, brain expert Dr Lynette Louise explains how our brains are wired from early childhood both consciously and unconsciously by the people around us. She talks about the experiences that shape us and how to change the way we feel and respond to this “wiring”.

Original air date: March 4, 2021