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Susan Berkowitz has been a speech-language pathologist for over 40 years, working primarily with augmentative-alternative communication. She has worked for more than 45 years with students with autism; and has worked in public and nonpublic schools, private and state facilities, a variety of nonprofit agencies. Susan holds graduate degrees in both speech pathology and education, combining her knowledge of educational strategies, language development, and behavioral implementation in her practice. She has run her own private practice in Southern California for the past 22 years; providing independent evaluations, aac consultation, staff development and training. She has published research in peer reviewed professional journals and speaks across the country at national and international conferences and private workshops about aac implementation. She has recently written a book about AAC implementation in easy steps and without the jargon, called; “Make the Connection!: A Practical Guide to Parents and Practitioners for Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate with AAC.”

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Episode 31

In this episode, Dr E is joined by Susan Berkowitz, a speech-language pathologist specializing in augmentative-alternative communication (AAC)

They talk about how inclusive societies must strive to help those with limited verbal skills communicate and how the everyday person can help in this endeavor by raising awareness.

Original air date: October 2, 2019