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Thom King is an Entrepreneur, Author and self described ‘bio-hacker.’ Thom changed his life by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and kicking 5 stone (70 pounds)! In his book Guy Gone Keto he details an essential wellness program that will keep you fit and healthy for life. Despite being very successful, the classic definition of success (lots of money) is not what inspires and motivates Thom. His philosophy is “you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing good.”
Thom is the founder and CEO of Steviva Brands Inc., one of the largest importers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural sweeteners. Thom has made it his life’s work to study food science and use his knowledge to help people eat healthier, avoid harmful sugars, and maintain diet and exercise habits that defeat metabolic disease. His company, based in Portland, Oregon, derives its name from stevia, the South American plant extract that is calorie-free yet three hundred times sweeter than sugar, and does not contribute to the combination of metabolic diseases that Thom calls “diabesity.”

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Episode 41

Thom King is an entrepreneur and the author of the book ‘Guy Gone Keto’ where he shares his journey from stressed out, abusing his body, drinking too much, sleeping too little, eating too poorly to taking control of his life by adopting better habits. And, contrary to what you might expect, it did not start with diet… Listen to learn the entire story.

Original air date: December 11, 2019