How I Overcame Bulimia

Dr. E's Highway to Health Show Episode 28

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Highway to Health: Ep 28 - Paige Kinsella

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In this episode Paige talks about the shame surrounding her lowest moments and how she could not get the help she needed when dealing with a misdiagnosed and mistreated autoimmune disorder and bulimia.

Original Air Date: September 11, 2019

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Actionable Steps:

  1. Learn to be your own advocate. Go prepared to your doctor’s office, take notes, ask questions and don’t ever leave feeling like you were just spoken at. It needs to be a conversation.
  2. Set time aside every day for those things you hold sacred. For Paige it’s time for a walk and to meditate. See what is important to you and schedule that before everything else.
  3. Focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others when you’re in your own healing journey.

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