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Dr. E's Highway to Health Show Episode 8

Expert Interview
Highway to Health: Ep 08 -Barry Smeltzer, MPAS PA-C

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In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Barry Smeltzer, the owner/operator of Healing Provisions in San Antonio and Austin.

Barry shares how people can educate themselves on how to live a healthy lifestyle by protecting themselves from environmental exposures that weren’t around 40 years ago.

Original Air Date: April 24, 2019

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Actionable Steps:

  1. Ask questions to educate yourself.
    • What’s in my water? What’s in my air? What is an EMF?
    • Look for products that are safe, chemicals that are safe, cosmetics that are safe.
    • Visit to find EWG verified products. Enter your zip code to find out which hazardous chemicals are in your water.
  2. Just start where you are. It can be overwhelming to hear about all the dangers in this world.
  3. Don’t try to be perfect when it comes to eliminating toxins, having the perfect diet, or eating the perfect food.  The enemy of great is perfect.

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Show Notes

  • Barry recognizes we are creating an environment that causes us to be susceptible to deficiencies, disease, and illness.
  • There so much in our current environment from an exposure standpoint that can affect our health, that just didn’t exist years ago. We have to be actively addressing this exposure to maintain our health. Today, more than 50% of children in public school has a health condition requiring medication.
  • Managing illness is not health, and education is critically important. Do your own research through the Environmental Working Group (  The EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. They are the chemical experts for the Environmental Medicine Academy.
  • Barry shares why the state of Hawaii has outlawed sunscreen, and why this should concern us, too. The EWG publishes a safe sunscreen recommendation along with many other EWG verified products which are free from the EWG’s chemicals of concern.
  • Barry helps us understand the effects of vitamin D deficiency, especially in children, and how we can counteract this.
  • Barry touches on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how can we decrease exposure – especially in kids who are still developing.
  • EMF is a high level of pollution. We don’t yet know the long term effect because EMF hasn’t been out that long.  Being diligent and reasonable regarding EMF is tough because we can’t see or feel EMF like we see or smell smoke and other pollution.
  • Barry recognizes we are creating an environment that causes us to be susceptible to deficiencies, disease, and illness. He feels our country is at risk of an epidemic which will affect everyone because we are not prepared from a health standpoint to fight something that will affect the entire population.
  • The best thing for parents and concerned individuals to do is to go out and learn. Educate yourselves, but be careful because a lot of available information is unfiltered.
  • This is where medical professionals should come in. They should acknowledge that people will be seeking information and team up with them, listen to them, and guide them in the right direction.
  • Barry shares his perspective on vaccinations. He’s not against vaccinations but hopes we move toward ensuring they are safe for all. Parents should educate themselves on the risks involved in every choice – to vaccinate or not.
  • Barry urges us to create a lifestyle that leads to better health, and then live that lifestyle.  Lead by example – your kids look at what you’re doing and follow.

Our Guest for this Episode:

Biomedical and Environmental Medicine

Barry Smeltzer is the owner/operator of Healing Provisions in San Antonio and Austin. He is a Holistic Practitioner who specializes in biomedical and environmental medicine interventions to assist the body in the healing process.

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