Say Goodbye To The Dad Bod

Dr. E's Highway to Health Show Episode 11

Expert Interview
Highway to Health: Ep 11 - Michael Ashford

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In this episode, Dr. E ‘The Stem Cell Guy’ interviews Michael Ashford, certified personal trainer and founder of Fit Dad Fitness.

Since 2012, Michael has dedicated himself to living a healthy, active lifestyle by working out at least five times a week. He also changed his diet as he recognized that so much of our health is directly linked to the foods we consume.

Through Fit Dad Fitness, Michael’s mission is to equip fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.

Original Air Date: May 15, 2019

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Actionable Steps:

  1. Lift weights – get stronger – resistance train. Incorporate strength training into your routine. It increases metabolism and helps strengthen bones. Resistance training can be your body weight – or things you have at home – a suitcase filled with books – your kids on your shoulders as you do squats, or on your back for pushups.
  2. Eat real food. Avoid boxed, canned, and other processed foods. Eat food as close to its natural state as possible.
  3. Stop thinking about how you want to look and focus on how you want to feel – today, next month, or when holding your grandchild in the future.


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Fit Dad Fitness focuses on helping fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.


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Show Notes

  • Skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Michael knew his health was not where it could or should be. He wanted a lifetime of longevity and health.
  • When someone starts getting physically healthier, other aspects of their life transform – mental wellness, better mood, increased confidence.
  • Michael wants to help dads improve their health and wellness so their bodies have the ability to do what they want to do and won’t hold them back from any experiences they can have with their children well into the future.
  • Find out why Michael became a certified personal trainer and why is he targeting dads.
  • Health is simple and Michael equips people with good information to get started in making a difference with their health.
  • Take care of yourself first. Make it a priority.
  • Be an example for your kids.

Our Guest for this Episode:

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

Michael Ashford is the founder of and the host of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast. His mission is to encourage fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.

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