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MaryEllen Reider is co-founder of Yarlap, an American company that designs a unique FDA-cleared medical device to treat urinary incontinence. If you’ve ever tried to strengthen your pelvic floor but unsure how to do them — Yarlap does the entire process for you, no guesswork. Yarlap is disrupting women’s healthcare in a very personal way — by providing women a way to improve their sexual wellness and bladder control at home.

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Company: Yarlap
Contact Phone: +1 (614) 568-7000
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Episode 36

MaryEllen Reider is an entrepreneur and co-creator of Yarlap, an FDA-approved device designed to help women do their kegels in order to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, reverse incontinence and enhance their sex life!
Listen to this episode to learn who is at risk (it will shock you!) and how you can prevent and reverse urinary incontinence discreetly and effectively at home.

Original air date: November 6, 2019