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Podchaser - Dr. E’s Highway to Health Show: Living Ageless

Episode 71

Loving yourself first is much harder to do than you’d expect. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned, since early childhood to put others first. We’ve been raised in environments where it’s not usually easy to acknowledge and talk about our feelings and so we end up burying them inside and self-loathing ourselves.

In this episode, world-renowned teacher and speaker Blake D Bauer joins me to share about the importance of self-love and –most importantly– how to start practicing it.

Episode 70

All in all, we are at a time of social unrest. People are confused, scared, angry, and very susceptible… There is a clear lack of leadership and truth. But most importantly, of love. Love for one another and love for ourselves.And that’s exactly what I discussed  back in September with Udo Erasmus and why I’m revisiting it now.

Episode 69

Achieving optimal health is much more than simply getting rid of disease. It requires awareness in our actions, attitudes and lifestyle, as well as building metabolic resilience. In this episode I spoke to Dr Karyn Shanks, a functional medicine expert and author of the book Heal.
During our conversation, she explains what each of the nine steps of her roadmap are and why each step is there. Listen to learn how you too can begin healing today.

Episode 68

Work-Life balance is not what you should be aiming for. Behavior expert Shannon Rollins joined Dr Ernesto MD in his Highway To Health Show to talk about it…

Episode 67

Mandy is a transformation and healing expert who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe to overcome anxiousness and thrive in business, health, and life.
Stick around to learn how by combining the power of imagery with your innate capabilities, she empowers men and women to regain a positive sense of control, transcend struggle, and enjoy everything more.

Episode 66

CBD is a therapeutic compound produced from cannabis. It is commonly extracted and processed into oils, edibles, creams, and other products that you’ve certainly heard about. But just hearing about them, naturally raises questions.
In this episode, Dr Ernesto MD is joined by Joseph Sheehey of Cured Nutrition –one of the US’s leading CBD producers–, to talk about all things CBD. Like where it comes from, the difference between CBD and THC, the effects it has in our bodies, why it has those effects and many other common questions people have regarding dosing, safety, etc.

Episode 65

What we eat is, by far, the main cause of our chronic disorders. And it’s important to understand that we’re all different… which means that even “healthy” foods can wreak havoc in many of us. This is what a food sensitivity is.

And while most people are familiar with allergies, that cause swelling and difficulty breathing, you are likely unaware of the food sensitivities that may be behind your bloating, your migraines, stuffy nose, or achy joints…

In today’s episode, functional health expert Reed Davis, walks us through the different lab tests that he’s been running for over two decades, helping him get to the root cause of people’s problems, even when their doctor has found nothing wrong in their lab results!

Episode 64

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have it all together and achieve everything they want, and then some? Yet you feel like you’re already pushing your limits with your physical health, your energy and your emotions?
Well… I got news! You too can learn how to remove those limits you’re currently pushing!
In this episode wellness expert Adri Kyser shares with us her journey from limited to limitless. And she explains the steps you need to take to achieve this for yourself! Listen to get her insight and an amazing gift she put together for you!

Episode 63

Have you ever wondered whether you have “unlocked” your mind’s potential? What about your body’s?
In this conversation, Dane Dormio, martial artist and MindBody Mastery Mentor, joins Dr E to talk about his journey and continous pursuit of Mastery. Learn how you too can benefit from this discipline and how to get started with mentoring from him and his community.

Episode 62

Inflammation is what happens when, for instance, you bang your knee against a piece of furniture… It gets red, swollen and warm to the touch. And that is part of the process that your body launches to repair the damage. So why is it constnatly being touted as our “enemy”?
In this episode, autoimmunity wellness expert Julie Michelson shares with us her own journey through chronic inflammation, how it was affecting her, how she now helps her clients overcome it but, more importantly, what YOU can do today to reduce or eliminate this low-grade, chronic inflammation as much as humanly possible.

Episode 61

What really matters to you? Are you living life the way you want to? Are you spending your time doing the things that matter to you?
If you have not asked yourself those questions recently, you’re not alone. Most people haven’t. And it isn’t until they do, and really study the answers, that they can create lasting change and live the life they want to live.
In this episode, Eric Zimmer, behavior coach and author, shares with us the process to answer these questions and navigate the crises of life.

Episode 60

You’ve heard that our mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of our cells. And that is because they are responsible of producing energy.
The Light Diet focuses on exposing our mitochondria to sunlight in a few key ways to enhance their health. Listen to this episode to learn more.

Episode 59

Losing weight gets harder the older we get… We all know that. But why does it happen?
In this episode, body transformation expert Angelo Poli explains what 20 years and over 20,0000 clients have taught him about metabolism in an interview that is fun, easy to listen to, and full of actionable advice.

Episode 58

You’ve been told –directly and indirectly– that you’re not enough. Not thin enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough… And you’ve heard that so much and so often that you even say it to yourself… You try to shame yourself into losing weight, dieting, and pretending to be happy.

My guest for this episode is calling out the BS in this mentality. She not only claims that willpower does not work, but that embracing yourself, loving your body and acceptance are the first steps to becoming wildly alive. Listen to this interview to learn the exact process she guides her clients through to empower them to recover their life and happiness.

Episode 57

Emotional eating is a real problem. Especially nowadays with everything that’s going on around the world. It’s just so easy to fall prey to our instincts and seek comfort foods…
My guest today spent forty years yo-yo dieting before discovering that emotional eating was sabotaging her efforts every time. During our conversation you’ll learn why it became especially hard for her after 40 and how adopting a ketogenic lifestyle has been the solution she had been waiting for.

Episode 56

Have you ever felt like life’s throwing too much at you from every direction? Ever felt like you’re barely being able to juggle everything that you’ve already got when suddenly something else comes up that needs your immediate attention? Have you ever felt like you’re spread too thin?
If so, you may have experienced burnout. And in this episode we discuss why it’s so prevalent nowadays and what you can do to prevent it from affecting you.

Episode 55

We’ve all been bombarded by news about the coronavirus lately. But a lot of people still have specific questions about the whole situation.
✅ What are the symptoms?
✅ When should you go to the hospital?
✅ Why are people being asked to stay home?
✅ Does it make sense to worry?
✅ Is there something that can be done to avoid it?
Unfortunately, a lot of people -who are not trained health professionals- are adding a lot of misinformation to the mix… ????
So for this week’s episode I answer these questions.

Episode 54

Jim Rohn famously said that there’s not a thousand things that make successful people successful. It’s usually, half a dozen things or principles, that people need to focus on and master -consistently- in any given area to achieve success.
And in this episode, Chandler Walker shares with us the half a dozen things that people should be focusing on improving in order to achieve and maintain health and wellness.

Episode 53

Have you ever wanted to behave or act differently but quickly gave up because you “are just not like that”? In this episode, brain expert Dr Lynette Louise explains how our brains are wired from early childhood both consciously and unconsciously by the people around us. She talks about the experiences that shape us and how to change the way we feel and respond to this “wiring”.

Episode 52

Sugar is everywhere. We are eating more sugar than ever in human history and it’s become a real problem for most of us. But, how do you stop this “habit”? In today’s episode, health coach Christine Kenney shares with us exactly how to do that so you can lose weight, get fit and start feeling better than you’ve ever felt before!

Episode 51

There is shame surrounding mental health at work. Especially amongst founders, and high executives who are expected to always perform at their best and handle everything and anything that is thrown at them. In this episode, we explore the reasons surrounding stress at work, how it affects performance and what to do to recognize and reverse it.

Episode 50

Gout was known as the “King’s disease” because it mostly affected wealthy individuals who ate richer foods than the peasants in the rest of their kingdoms. Today, it no longer affects just the very wealthy. Its symptoms are near incapacitating and the treatment options have not improved in decades. Our guest today shares how he has been able to live mostly gout-free through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Episode 49

You’ve been there before… You’re convinced you want to start doing something different. Maybe exercising, eating differently, meditating, going to bed early… And you begin doing it! But, after a few days, it starts feeling more like a chore… You miss a day here, another day there, and next time you realize, you’ve completely fallen off the wagon and are back to your old routines.
In this episode, Elizabeth Sherman shares with us some of the strategies she uses to help her clients adopt new, healthy habits for life.

Episode 48

You’ve heard of the mind-body connection before but, do you really understand how it actually works? In this episode, Dr Tara Rasta breaks it down for us as she walks us through Network Spinal Analysis and how it can improve your life and well being.

Episode 47

Can you imagine not being able to get out of bed because you don’t have the energy? Having to spend 14-18 hours in bed, every single day, in pain, feeling hopeless? That’s what our guest went through for 6 years as she battled fibromyalgia. In this episode Leah McCullough -The Fibro Lady- shares how she found her way out of that situation and now helps others do the same!

Episode 46

You’ve set health and fitness resolutions before. And come February, you’re back where you were before New Years. In this conversation, personal trainer Chelsea Murray shares how to stick to your new goals.
What’s the secret? You probably need to exercise LESS, not more! Listen to learn all about it.

Episode 45

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to do so many things and remain cool, calm and collected? Wonder no more! In this episode, productivity coach Alexis Haselberger explains how the most productive people don’t do EVERYTHING, but instead have systems to take care of the most important things.

Episode 44

In this solocast, I share with you the steps to set and achieve your health goals in 2020.

Episode 43

Lunide Louis is an entrepreneur, author, professor and podcast host. She developed a routine which has helped hundreds of people set themselves up for a healthy and successful day by following her 7-minute plan.

Episode 42

In this episode Jessica Silverman and I talk about the importance of identifying and pursuing your true life’s purpose, why we are prone to setting arbitrary goals that are not powerful and what to do instead.

Episode 41

Thom King is an entrepreneur and the author of the book ‘Guy Gone Keto’ where he shares his journey from stressed out, abusing his body, drinking too much, sleeping too little, eating too poorly to taking control of his life by adopting better habits. And, contrary to what you might expect, it did not start with diet… Listen to learn the entire story.

Episode 40

Frank Rivera was misdiagnosed and treated for lung cancer –for 8 years!–, before a doctor found out he actually had a rare disease called sarcoidosis. Since then, he’s made it his mission to help as many people suffering from sarcoidosis not have to go through what he did.
Frank is the founder of Sarcoidosis of Long Island, a non-profit organization seeking to raise awareness for sarcoidosis amongst medical professionals and government officials.

Episode 39

Structural Chiropractic (NUCCA) is a specialized form of chiropractic care where structural shifts are detected and corrected in order to improve you spinal stability and with it get rid of migraines, head and neck pain and tension, and several other common disorders.

Episode 38

Meditation and mindfulness have been in the spotlight for a while now. But, many people wonder how to start a meditation practice. Which is why we asked Ariel Garten, founder of Muse -a device that shows you when you are doing it right-, to explain to us what meditation is, its benefits, and how to get started.

Episode 37

Acts of suicide are a lot more common than we think. There’s way too many people who have thought about, planned, or even tried to commit suicide multiple times in their lives. And Frank is one of them.
In this episode he shares with us how he raises awareness through public speaking and how he helps others who are going through similar experiences.

Episode 36

MaryEllen Reider is an entrepreneur and co-creator of Yarlap, an FDA-approved device designed to help women do their kegels in order to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, reverse incontinence and enhance their sex life!
Listen to this episode to learn who is at risk (it will shock you!) and how you can prevent and reverse urinary incontinence discreetly and effectively at home.

Episode 35

Dr Kyrin is an anti-aging and functional medicine physician with a background in OBGYN whose own health struggles prompted her to look for answers beyond what her traditional training showed her.

As a result she lost over 100 pounds, regained her life back from fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, and learned how to be a #MenopauseBoss. In this episode she shares how she helps her patients do the same.

Episode 34

In this episode Ben and I talk about the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.
Constant movement improves the obvious like joint and muscle health but it also helps us engage cognitively with our day, improve our focus, sleep better and increase our lifespan.
Learn the strategies to add movement to your days!

Episode 33

In this episode Dr E is joined by Dr Glenn Livingston, a veteran psychologist who spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating. Through a system he called Never Binge Again, he was able to overcome his own food struggles and has helped thousands of people do the same.

Episode 32

In this episode, Dr E is joined by Mr Productivity, Mark Struczewski. They talk about developing systems to stop falling prey to distractions and be able to do more of the things that matter. Like taking care of ourselves!

Episode 31

In this episode, Dr E is joined by Susan Berkowitz, a speech-language pathologist specializing in augmentative-alternative communication (AAC)

They talk about how inclusive societies must strive to help those with limited verbal skills communicate and how the everyday person can help in this endeavor by raising awareness.

Episode 30

In this insightful interview, Udo Erasmus talks to Dr E about the Thirst of The Heart; which is that feeling of emptiness, of having lost something in our lives.

Episode 29

Mary Sheila Gonnella is a holistic nutrition consultant, trained in ayurveda, adrenal support and aminoacid therapy.

In this episode we spoke about many things ranging from fermenting foods to hormonal support and diabetes treatments and prevention.

Episode 28

In this episode Paige talks about the shame surrounding her lowest moments and how she could not get the help she needed when dealing with a misdiagnosed and mistreated autoimmune disorder and bulimia.

Episode 27

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, speaker and author of the book You Are Not Your Diagnosis.

In this episode we talk about her misdiagnosis, medical arrogance, her book and her newfound career in healing.

Episode 26

Cathy Biase is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Cancer Coach. She specializes in educating people on nutrition specifically as it pertains to our microbiome and immune system.

As you know, I’m a very big fan of these kind of disciplines that promote health by respecting our biology.

Episode 25

In this follow up episode, I answer a few of the questions I received from Episode 24 and I also take a deeper dive into the pre and post stem cell treatment recommendations covering nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

Episode 24

In this solo episode, I share with you some of the most common questions I’ve received recently regarding stem cell therapy. Specifically, about what else needs to be done to ensure maximum benefit from stem cell treatments.

Episode 23

Dr Nick holds an MD degree and is a board certified primary care physician who practices in Colorado and consults patients via telemedicine throughout the United States.

His view of healthcare and modern doctor-patient relationships is a much needed breath of fresh air for an already stale model of sick-care.

Episode 22

Emily Boller is the author of the book Starved to Obesity where she tells her story of food addiction. From a chubby child to anorexic as a teenager and then becoming obese until age 47 where she decided to put an end to her addiction and turn her life around.

In this episode we discussed why food addictions are so common and often go unrecognized by most of us and the burden they place not only on the addict but on their friends and family. We also discussed how she overcame it and she gives you a few pieces of advice to do the same yourself.

Episode 21

De’Nicea Hilton is a doctor or Oriental Medicine who specializes in holistic menstrual health.

In this episode we discussed what she refers to as “period bypassing”, the need for further education in regards to menstrual health, and a lot more.

Episode 19

Sas Edwards is a Cancer Recovery Coach who helps people through the hardest time of their life to shift vibration in order to get out of victim mode and rise above cancer.
In this episode she shares some of her strategies and how they can help anyone wanting to shift their point of view and experience life in a more joyful and rich manner.

Episode 18

Laura Di Franco is a Master in Physical Therapy with over two decades of experience in healing.

In this episode the discussion was centered around holistic healing and how it complements traditional methods of healing. We discussed the importance of giving hope to patients and supporting them to change their mindset and outlook in regards to healing.

Episode 17

Dr Orlena Kerek is a former pediatrician, turned health, weight and life coach helping women over 40 achieve their ideal lives.

In this episode we spoke about the importance of prioritizing yourself in order to not only be healthier and happier but also to be more present with your family.

Episode 16

Frank Llosa, founder and CEO of KetoneAid joined me to talk about the different types of exogenous ketones and how they fit into a healthy ketogenic diet.

Unsurprisingly, we learned about companies marketing their salts for weight loss or as a way for you to stay in ketosis while eating crap. Which is utter BS…

Listen to this episode to learn about the different kinds of exogenous ketones, how and why to take them, what you can expect and a lot more.

Episode 15

In this episode, Dr. E is joined by Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a clinical psychologist practicing in Ridgefield and Newton, CT. She is a licensed professional counselor, a certified integrative medicine mental health provider and a board certified neurofeedback provider and is the originator of the 360º Reboot Intensive Therapies Program.

Dr Roseann shares her experience in the field of stress and anxiety management. She explains how she empowers her patients to recognize and talk back to anxiety in order to live a better life.

Amongst the things discussed about stress and anxiety are: what causes them, what happens in your brain when you’re anxious, what makes it worse, and when to seek out professional help.

Episode 14

Christopher McKinney, is a master resilience trainer and founder of Closer to the Hole Resilience Reformation. In this episode he joins Dr. E for a lively discussion on what resilience is and the importance of nurturing and developing it in order to be your best self in all aspects of life.

Episode 13

Regina Lawrence is a self proclaimed noble struggler who had built her identity around her seven-year career as an attorney. She treated her busyness, hard work, drive for success, and her stress as a badge of honor until she had nothing left for herself and was burned out.

Join Dr. E as he welcomes Regina to talk about managing stress and anxiety.

Episode 12

Gary Heyer joins Dr. E to share his journey and the resources he’s used to reach his healthiest self.

Gary was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on December 22, 2017 and was CANCER FREE as of September 11, 2018. He has 180’d his lifestyle and will share how a combination of simple changes can produce results you never thought possible.

In this episode, you’ll hear Gary’s story and learn how to get access to the very products and practices that not only changed Gary’s life… they saved his life!

Episode 11

In this episode, Dr. E ‘The Stem Cell Guy’ interviews Michael Ashford, certified personal trainer and founder of Fit Dad Fitness.

Since 2012, Michael has dedicated himself to living a healthy, active lifestyle by working out at least five times a week. He also changed his diet as he recognized that so much of our health is directly linked to the foods we consume.

Through Fit Dad Fitness, Michael’s mission is to equip fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.

Episode 10

Dr. Jaime Seeman, MD – aka Dr Fit and Fabulous – joins Dr. E to share how she bounced back to health, fitness, and well-being when pre-diabetes, low thyroid function, and hormonal imbalance crept into her life after her third pregnancy.

She urges listeners to take control to optimize their health now. If you don’t take the time for wellness now, you will eventually have to make time for illness.

Episode 9

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E talks with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy. Her personal 12-year struggle with infertility was an emotional rollercoaster which motivated her to help make sure others’ infertility journeys suck less by opening up discussions to overcome the stigma of infertility and providing a much needed support system.

Pradeepa is a certified professional coach who specializes in guiding women, men, and couples who are going through struggles with their fertility.

Episode 8

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Barry Smeltzer, the owner/operator of Healing Provisions in San Antonio and Austin.

Barry shares how people can educate themselves on how to live a healthy lifestyle by protecting themselves from environmental exposures that weren’t around 40 years ago.

Episode 7

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Dr. Nisha Chellam, MD a board-certified internist who practices functional and holistic medicine. She shares why she shifted from internal medicine to functional medicine, and how she partners with her patients to actively create health rather than manage disease.

Episode 6

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Josh McLean to discuss living life intentionally and focusing on what is really important to us.

Josh is the author of the book Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within to Achieve Powerful Transformation.

Episode 5

In this episode Dr E is joined by Jay Cole, author of the book How to Calm the F*ck Down: A Meditator’s Guide. They talk about meditation, mindfulness and how the world would be a much better place if more people meditated.

Episode 4

In this episode, Dr. E explains the differences between popular low-carb diets including keto, paleo, atkins and whole30.

Episode 3

In this episode, Dr. E shares some helpful tips and information for anyone considering stem cell therapy in the US or abroad.

Episode 2

Dr. George Zafra, MD joins the show to share about aesthetic medicine, facial rejuvenation and the the basics of skin care.

Learn how he helps his patients age gracefully with natural looking enhancements.

Episode 1

Dr. E shares his mission for the show and why he wanted to create a health related podcast that is easily accessible to the regular person.

It’s not for the biohackers, high performers, ultra endurance athletes or super healthy people. It’s a show for busy moms and dads, with jobs and families who want to live healthier, longer lives without the need to additional studies or a scientific degree.