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About Reed Davis

Reed Davis, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine.

He is the Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and the FDN Certification Course. Reed served as the Health Director and Case Manager at a Wellness Center in So. California for over 10 years and now teaches the FDN Course with over 2500 trainees or graduates in 50 countries.

Today, Reed is known as one of the most successful and experienced clinicians in the world, having provided functional lab assessments to over 10,000 clients. Reed is also a Clinical Advisor for BioHealth Laboratories and lives in the US, teaching the FDN
Certification Course and helping his graduates build robust private practices.

Episode 65

What we eat is, by far, the main cause of our chronic disorders. And it’s important to understand that we’re all different… which means that even “healthy” foods can wreak havoc in many of us. This is what a food sensitivity is.

And while most people are familiar with allergies, that cause swelling and difficulty breathing, you are likely unaware of the food sensitivities that may be behind your bloating, your migraines, stuffy nose, or achy joints…

In today’s episode, functional health expert Reed Davis, walks us through the different lab tests that he’s been running for over two decades, helping him get to the root cause of people’s problems, even when their doctor has found nothing wrong in their lab results!

Original air date: May 27, 2020