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Heather Havenwood interviews Dr. E – The Stem Cell Guy to introduce the show.
The show’s mission is to enable you to make the best choices to boost your energy, enhance your physical appearance, and improve your overall health and wellness.
Dr. E’s expert guidance will empower you to make better choices to start living the life you want to live today!

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Show Notes

  • Dr. E shares his background, education and specialties including stem cells, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.
  • How regenerative medicine helps the body heal in a non traditional way, and how the modalities have been effective for many patients.
  • Dr. E wants to bridge the gap and increase the understanding, so that everyday families can make better choices.
  • His mission is to empower people to make healthier decisions and demystify the medicine.
  • Dr. E explains what cutting edge nutrition is and how it can help you create a healthier life.
  • Why are stem cells and stem cell treatments important and what do we need to know about them?
  • What is optimized health and how do stem cells fit into the equation?
  • Dr. E shares what’s happening right now in the industry of anti aging and how do stem cells assist with anti aging?
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