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Chandler studied Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Nevada Reno. Diving deep into the gut and brain connection, and Epigenetics or why we think and feel the way we do and how our lifetime interactions make the brain create shifts in our thinking.
After college Chandler opened a wellness center designed to bridge the gap between the doctors office and the gym. After spending well over 2000 individual hours with people he realized that wellness starts in the mind!

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Episode 54

Jim Rohn famously said that there’s not a thousand things that make successful people successful. It’s usually, half a dozen things or principles, that people need to focus on and master -consistently- in any given area to achieve success.
And in this episode, Chandler Walker shares with us the half a dozen things that people should be focusing on improving in order to achieve and maintain health and wellness.

Original air date: March 11, 2020