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Dr. E's Highway to Health Show Episode 61

Expert Interview

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What really matters to you? Are you living life the way you want to? Are you spending your time doing the things that matter to you?
If you have not asked yourself those questions recently, you’re not alone. Most people haven’t. And it isn’t until they do, and really study the answers, that they can create lasting change and live the life they want to live.
In this episode, Eric Zimmer, behavior coach and author, shares with us the process to answer these questions and navigate the crises of life.

Original Air Date: April 29, 2020

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Actionable Steps:

  1. Work with your partner and children to come up with a schedule that everyone agrees to
  2. Find a way to move your body every day.
  3. Allow yoruself to feel what you’re feeling during a crisis and acknowledge it.

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Show Notes

Questions to ask yourself:
  • What really matters to me?
  • Am I living life the way that I want?
  • Am I spending my time in the things that matter most to me?
Other notable ideas:
  • “People change more often by feeling good than by feeling bad.”
  • Sometimes when we want to change, we need to lower the bar of our expectations. That way we can feel good about achieving it -even if it is something small- and then gradually increase it.
  • “A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.”
  • Identify the fundamental few things that will move the needle the most for you in your life and commit to nailing those.

Our Guest for this Episode:

Behavior Coach

Eric Zimmer is a behavior coach, author, and the host of The One You Feed Podcast. He is endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live.

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